Joao Paolo Cuenca

João Paulo Cuenca

In response to a satirical tweet involving President Jair Bolsonaro, writer and filmmaker Cuenca has faced over 130 targeted and costly lawsuits from state officials and religious leaders, demanding… More

Writers at Risk Database

Abraham Jiménez Enoa

Jiménez Enoa is a columnist at Post Opinión and a co-founder of online literary magazine El Estornudo. He was placed under 24-hour house arrest by state authorities twice in… More

Hopewell Chin’ono

Chin’ono was detained in July 2020 for almost six weeks after he published his investigations into state corruption. He has since been arrested and detained on several spurious charges,… More

Roberto de Jesús Quiñones Haces

Quiñones Haces was sentenced to a year in prison for his reporting and his refusal to pay fines levied against him for his writing and reporting. Maltreated in prison,… More

Ali Aracı Grup Yorum

Aracı is a member of activist collective and band Grup Yorum. The band's music has angered Turkish authorities and members have faced serious threats. Arrested June 19, 2019, a… More

Gao Yu | Status: Continued Harassment | China

Accused of leaking state secrets, Chinese investigative journalist Gao Yu is serving a 5-year prison sentence despite serious health concerns. For now, she has been released from jail because… More

Dan Garrett

On September 26, 2019, Garrett, a photographer, author, and academic, was barred entry to Hong Kong for unspecified “immigration reasons” after having testified to the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on… More

Guillermo Sheridan

In July 2019, Sheridan, a scholar, columnist, public commentator, and literary critic, received a death threat in a letter delivered to his home. The reason and source of the… More

Rafael Gabriel Almanza Alonso

Famed poet and Marxist intellectual Almanza has suffered political persecution for his openly anti-Castro views. Since he was first expelled from university in 1980, he has endured extreme censorship… More

Wang Fang Fang Fang

Wang Fang, who also goes by the pen name Fang Fang, kept an online diary during Wuhan’s 11-week lockdown. She views herself as a witness rather than a critic… More

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