Isa Choulandim

Choulandim, an artist, writer, and activist, is known for his outspoken opposition to child marriage, which he advocates against through his art. He was arrested in a home raid… More

Fatemeh Hasani

Hasani is a sociologist who wrote multiple academic articles and non-academic publications. She was arrested at Mashhad airport upon returning from a trip on July 6, 2023. Hasani, who… More

Mehdi Yarrahi

Songwriter Yarrahi was arrested in August 2023 for writing a song titled "Rosarito" (Your Headscarf), an anti-hijab and pro-women's rights song. He was charged with "propaganda," "corruption," and "publishing… More

Samaneh Noruz Moradi

Activist Noruz-Moradi has been in and out of prison since 2018; in 2020, she was diagnosed with breast cancer while in jail, and was sent on medical leave with… More

Abbas Ali Zulfiqari

Zulfiqari, better known by his pen name Zoro, is a satirical poet who posts videos of himself reciting his poetry on social media. He was first imprisoned in 1993,… More

Amir Akhwan

Poet, songwriter, and literary critic Akhwan was arrested in June 2023 by Iranian Security Forces in Rasht for "reciting a campaign poem" on Clubhouse. He posts his poetry on… More

Dima Sadek

Journalist and online commentator Sadek has been the target of harassment campaigns by supporters of the Shiite Hezbollah movement and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM). She was sued by… More

Mohammed Rashed Al-Ajmi

A blogger and online activist, Al-Ajmi has been the victim of repeated attacks since October 2022. The first occurred in Kuwait before he was forced out of the country;… More

Raouf Farrah

Farrah, a Canadian-Algerian researcher, human right defender, and contributing author of Algeria: The Future in Play, was arrested in February 2023 in Algeria as he was visiting relatives. He… More

Khalid Al-Alkami

Al-Alkami is an online commentator and blogger who posted negative tweets about austerity in Saudi Arabia. He was arrested on September 12, 2017, right after a McKinsey report that… More