Yousef El Dosh

On March 5, 2021, El Dosh was summoned to appear before a court after a reading of his original poem about the violent dispersal of protestors in 2019—known as… More

Salim Al-Jabali

Al-Jabali ran a Facebook page called "Minister of Hypertension and Diabetes" in which he also posted political opinions. He was detained for several Facebook posts in which he called… More

Saud Al-Sarhan

A researcher and columnist whose published works include political commentary on Saudi political, economic, and social issues, Al-Sarhan went missing in October 2021 after writing an article that acknowledged… More

Malcolm Bidali Noah

Bidali is a Kenyan blogger and security guard who writes about migrant workers’ experiences in Qatar, where he lived for three years. On May 4, 2021, he was detained… More

Alaa Al-Mashrawi

Director of Al-Mashreq News, Alaa Al-Mashrawi is a vocal critic who writes opinion pieces and columns on solidarity with Palestinians. In 2020, he wrote an article calling for the… More

Taoufik Bouachrine

Taoufik Bouachrine

The publisher of Akhbar al-Youm, Bouachrine is known for his editorials and columns criticizing the Moroccan government. He has been targeted in the past for his writing, and was… More

Soulaimane Raissouni

Raissouni is a columnist, documentary filmmaker, and the former editor-in-chief of Akhbar al-Youm, an independent daily newspaper. Detained since 2020, he is serving a 5-year prison sentence for sexual… More

Touraj Amini

Historian, researcher, and literary writer Touraj Amini was tried for “spreading propaganda against the state” and given a reduced sentence of six months in prison. While he was detained,… More

Yasin Qasemi Bajd

A member of the Sunni minority in Iran who writes on politics and religion, Yasin Qasemi Bajd was arrested and reportedly interrogated in February 2021 on a number of… More

Ahmad Qatamesh

Septugenarian literary writer and scholar Ahmad Qatamesh has been in and out of prison for a decade for his dissident political opinions and his membership in political organizations considered… More