Lokman Slim

Slim was a renowned writer, columnist, and documentary filmmaker. He was the co-owner of the publishing house Dar al-Jadeed. In the days leading up to his assassination, Slim published… More

Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi Al-Zubi

A columnist, playwright, and political satirist, Al-Zoubi is facing continued harassment for his work. In March 2022, his vehicle was intercepted on his way to the airport, and he… More

Semiramis Babaei

Babaei is an award-winning dramatist, journalist, translator, and literary writer. Her work includes plays, literary criticism, theater criticism, and social satire for magazines. She was arrested at her home… More

Mazen Latif

Latif is a literary writer and owner of publishing house Mesopotamia. He is alos an activist who was heavily involved in the Baghdad protest movement. He was kidnapped from… More

Sherwan Amin Sherwani

A columnist and online commentator known for his writing on corruption, Sherwani was first arrested in 2019 in connection to two articles he wrote. He was rearrested in October… More

Shireen Abu Akleh

Known as “the voice of Palestine,” Abu Akleh spent 25 years reporting on the Palestinian struggle for freedom, writing about life under Israeli occupation, and providing critical commentary on… More

Adnan Al-Rousan

Al-Rousan, a columnist, was arrested on August 14, 2022 for criticizing the King of Jordan via Facebook. He was charged with inciting conflict and sowing division among the elements… More

Mahvash Sabet

A literary writer, poet, and member of the Bahai community, Mahvash Sabet was arrested in July 2022. In November, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison on national… More

Mehdi Bahman

Bahman is a literary writer and creative artist known for his illustrated copies of the Torah, Bible, and Psalms. He was detained on October 13, 2022 after giving an… More

Mohammad Rasoulof

In 2010, Rasoulof was arrested alongside fellow filmmaker Jafar Panahi, and received a six-year prison sentence for "propaganda"; it was later reduced to one year and he was released… More