Ali Al-Saffar

Al-Saffar is one of several commentators and writers arrested in April 2019. He had previously written about the Syrian Civil War and regional conflicts but had not been active… More

Abdullah Al-Duhailan

Al-Duhailan, a novelist and an advocate for Palestinian rights who also reported on Saudi women driving in defiance of the driving ban, was detained in April 2019 but no… More

Writers at Risk Database

Fuad Al-Farhan

On November 21, 2019, Saudi blogger Fuad Al-Farhan was arrested, his house was raided, and his devices seized. Following a brief detention lasting a matter of days, Al-Farhan was… More

Salah Al-Haidar

Al-Haidar was arrested without charge in a wave of arrests in April 2019. While in detention, he has been denied access to a lawyer. He is the son of… More

Abdulaziz Al-Hais

Al-Hais, who had written about the Arab Spring and the roles that intellectuals play in the Middle East, was arrested from his home in November 2019 as part of… More

Khadija Al-Harbi

Feminist writer Al-Harbi was arrested and her home raided during a crackdown on dissents in April 2019. She was reportedly in the late stages of pregnancy at the time… More

Naif Al-Hindas

Al-Hindas was arrested in the April 2019 wave of arrests and detained without charge. Mostly a freelance writer, Al-Hindas translated and wrote about philosophy, feminism, film, and other cultural… More

Bader Al-Ibrahim

A dual U.S.-Saudi citizen, Al-Ibrahim was part of a group of journalists and bloggers detained without charge in April 2019. A doctor and author of a book on Shiite… More

Sultan Al-Jumairi

Al-Jumairi was arrested in September 2018 in connection with activist comments on Twitter. It is unknown whether he has been formally charged or sentenced. More

Fadhel Al-Manasef

A prominent young human rights defender, Al-Manasef was arrested in October 2011 and in 2014 was sentenced to 15 years in prison on various trumped-up charges, including organizing protests… More