Zana Al-Shahri

Female journalist and writer Al-Shahri was detained as part of a wave of arrests by Saudi authorities in November 2019. She was released in early December. More

Essam Al-Zamil

Essam Al-Zamil

A well-known economist, Al-Zamil was detained in September 2017 for his writing criticizing Aramco, the Saudi national oil company, and its inflated valuation on the stock market. He reportedly… More

Adel Banaima

Banaima, a lecturer at the University of Umm Al-Qura in Mecca and editor-in-chief of Jusoor Magazine, was arrested and detained without charge in September 2017. Information about his status… More

Khadija Al-Harbi

Feminist writer Al-Harbi was arrested and her home raided during a crackdown on dissents in April 2019. She was reportedly in the late stages of pregnancy at the time… More

Naif Al-Hindas

Al-Hindas was arrested in the April 2019 wave of arrests and detained without charge. Mostly a freelance writer, Al-Hindas translated and wrote about philosophy, feminism, film, and other cultural… More

Bader Al-Ibrahim

A dual U.S.-Saudi citizen, Al-Ibrahim was part of a group of journalists and bloggers detained without charge in April 2019. A doctor and author of a book on Shiite… More

Sultan Al-Jumairi

Al-Jumairi was arrested in September 2018 in connection with activist comments on Twitter. It is unknown whether he has been formally charged or sentenced. More

Fadhel Al-Manasef

A prominent young human rights defender, Al-Manasef was arrested in October 2011 and in 2014 was sentenced to 15 years in prison on various trumped-up charges, including organizing protests… More

Thumar Al-Marzouqi

Al-Marzouqi was seized in a home raid during a wave of arrests in April 2019, in what some believe was a crackdown on individuals supporting women’s rights in the… More

Sulaiman Al-Saikhan Al-Nasser

A banker and prominent analyst who was arrested in a wave of detentions targeting Saudi intellectual and reformist circles in mid-November 2019, Al-Nasser was released later that month after… More