Maria Ponomarenko

Journalist Ponomarenko was detained in April 2022 for publishing information on an airstrike in Ukraine. She was granted house arrest in November. In January 2023, she turned herself back… More

Sasha Skochilenko

Skochilenko, an artist and writer from St Petersburg, was was arrested in March 2022 after she replaced five shelf tags in a grocery store with anti-war stickers. She was… More

Nurlan Gahramanli Nurlan Libre

Nurlan Libre is an anti-war blogger and journalist who shared anti-war views on his Facebook page. In September 2023, he was sentenced to 30-day administrative arrest for "spreading prohibited… More

Jana Tsegla

Tsegla is a writer of fairy tales and the founder of Masquerade, a magazine for young Belarusian artists. In April 2023, she was detained and held in pre-trial detention… More

Sasha Filipenka

Filipenka is an exiled Belarusian writer and activist. He left the country in 2020 after participating in anti-government protests. In May 2021, a theater group was forced to leave… More

Abdukholil Kholikzoda

The author of the memoir The Events of My Life, Kholikzoda was arrested in August 2023 and copies of his memoir were confiscated by authorities. The Tajik prosecutor accused… More

Zhenya Berkovich

Theater director and poet Zhenya Berkovich was detained for allegedly "justifying terrorism" in her play "Finist, the Brave Falcon. She was arrested along with Svetlana Petriychuk on May 4,… More

Svetlana Petriychuk

Playwright Svetlana Petriychuk was detained on May 4, 2023 for writing the play "Finist, the Brave Falcon." She was accused along with theater director Zhenya Berkovich of "justifying terrorism"… More

Shahd Abusalama

A long time Palestinian activist and columnist and blogger, Abusalama is well-known for her anti-Zionist stance and her criticism of Israel. She has faced multiple instances of harassment since… More

Memduh Bayraktaroglu

Bayraktaroglu is a columnist for Korkusuz newspaper. On February 24, 2023 a group of alleged ultranationalists attempted to raid his home following a tweet he posted two days earlier.… More