Junaidullo Khodyorov

In August 2018, Russia-based Tajik blogger Khodyorov was sentenced to 5 years in prison in Tajikistan for “supporting terrorism” in relation to his writing about a trip to the… More

Maria Ponomarenko

Journalist Ponomarenko was detained in April 2022 for publishing information on an airstrike in Ukraine. She was granted house arrest in November. In January 2023, she turned herself back… More

Sasha Skochilenko

Skochilenko, an artist and writer from St Petersburg, was was arrested in March 2022 after she replaced five shelf tags in a grocery store with anti-war stickers. She was… More

Sergei Gulyaev

Gulyaev, an exiled Russian writer and politician, was censured by prominent public figures in May 2023 for his 2022 book on the war in Ukraine, Sunset in Brown Tones.… More

Andrej Nikolaidis

Nikolaidis is a writer and columnist. Following the publication of a politically charged column in August 2022, he received harassment from the government, with the Prime Minister personally condemning… More

Jakub Zulczyk

Journalist and novelist Zulczyk was indicted in March 2021 for publicly insulting the Polish president on social media. He was refused a grant for a translation of his new… More

Aleksandr Byvshev

Poet Byvshev was detained in February 2023 for an anti-war poem. A case of “calling for terrorism” was opened against him, and he was sent to pre-trial detention. Rights… More

Aleksandr Nozdrinov

Nozdrinov, a blogger, was searched and detained in March 2022 for his online activity after posting photos of demolished buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine. In September 2023, he was sentenced… More

Alsu Kurmasheva

Kurmasheva, a Russian-American reporter with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was briefly held at the airport in June 2023, and then charged with failing to register as a foreign agent… More

Andrei Novashov

Novashov, a journalist for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was detained in March 2022 for “false information” in his online commentary. In March 2023, he was sentenced to 8 months… More