Ahmet Turan Alkan

A columnist for Zaman newspaper and literary writer, Alkan has been facing harassment for his written work since 2016. He was sentenced to 2 years and six months in… More

Arzu Demir

A literary writer and journalist, Demir was sentenced to 6 years in prison for writing two books titled “Dağın Kadın Hali (Womanly State of the Mountain)” and “Devrimin Rojava… More

Maxim Pokrovsky

The lead singer of Russian rock group Nogu Svelo, Pokrovsky has been known for releasing critical songs condemning the war on Ukraine. One song has led to a police… More

Dinara Gagarina

Gagarina is a former Associate Professor of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines of the Faculty of Social, Economic and Computer Sciences in the Perm branch of the Higher School… More

Siarhei Haranin

A linguist and literary critic, Haranin was arrested after a raid on the National Academy of Science (NAS) for the Belarusian Culture, Language, and Literature in October 2022. He… More

Dmitry Glukhovsky

In June 2022, Glukhovsky was arrested in absentia for anti-war social media posts he made in May. Living in exile in Europe, in October 2022 he was placed on… More

Azamat Nuratdinov

Azamat Nuratdinov is an Uzbek blogger and reporter for El Khyzmetinde who was arrested in July 2022 and charged with inciting riots through distribution of propagandistic material. In January… More

Lolagul Kallykhanova

Kallykhanova is a columnist and owner of a news site Makan. She advocates for Karakalpak autonomy and is critical of the Uzbek central government. She disappeared in June 2022… More

Aliaksandr Novikau

A historian and blogger, Novikau was arrested on June 27, 2022 for publishing articles on his website that aim at revising history. He was convicted and found guilty of… More

Dauletmurat Tadzhimuratov

Tadzhimuratov allegedly organized a rally for Karakalpak autonomy in July 2022, leading to his detention. In January 2023, he was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment and ordered to pay… More