Viktor Shenderovich

Satirist Shenderovich fled Russia after he was designated as a “foreign agent” in December 2021. He has lived in exile since, but faces continued repression. Reports emerged in 2022… More

Abdukodir Rustam

Rustam, a writer and editor, was arrested in August 2023 for editing Abdukholik Kholikzoda’s memoir Events of My Life. Copies of the book were confiscated by authorities, while Rustam… More

Ahmet Telli

Telli is a poet whose work often focuses on Kurdish rights. He has faced persecution for his writing since the 1980s. In 2020, he was tried on false charges… More

Bariş Pehlivan

Author and journalist Pehlivan was arrested in February 2020 for “disclosing information” on intelligence agencies in his reporting. He was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison… More

Güngör Arslan

Arslan, a columnist, was editor of the Ses Kocaeli newspaper. One of the newspapers he owned was shut down after the July 2016 coup. Arslan was murdered outside his… More

Merdan Yanardağ

Writer Yanardağ faced 2 separate trials in 2023. He was tried for “insulting the president” starting in March, on charges stemming from a 2022 article. Additionally, he was detained… More

Siarzhiej Krasnabarod

Krasnabarod, a writer and editor at the Gomel Plus Radio Station, also wrote political poetry. In May 2023, he was arrested along with colleagues for “distribution of extremist materials”… More

Dmitry Bikov

Bikov, the author of over 90 books, survived an assassination attempt in 2019 and left Russia in 2022 after its invasion of Ukraine. In October 2022, he was fined… More

Vsevolod Korolev

Poet and filmmaker Korolev was a vocal opponent of the war who made films about imprisoned activists. In July 2022, a criminal case was opened against him for online… More

Elena Kostyuchenko

Kostyuchenko is an exiled journalist and writer. After the outbreak of Russia’s war on Ukraine, she was forced to leave a reporting assignment in Mariupol after learning of an… More