Julián Fuks

Author of Resistance, Fuks has faced harassment for a column he wrote about Brazilian then-president Bolsonaro. The 2016 winner of Brazil's prestigious Jabuti literary prize, he has received death… More

Jeferson Tenório

Author of The Back of the Skin, Tenório received death threats while on tour to promote his book in São Paulo, Brazil in March 2022. The original title O… More

Dom Phillips

A columnist and literary writer, Phillips was shot and killed on June 5, 2022 in the remote Javari Valley in the western part of the Amazonas in Brazil. He… More

José Viñuela

An author and journalist, Viñuela received death threats from an unknown telephone number on September 8, 2022. Viñuela has written about the 2023 Argentine presidential election, and is also… More

Óscar-René Vargas

Fleeing into exile in 2018, the well-known sociologist and writer Vargas was arressted immediately upon his return to Nicaragua in November 2022. Detained for nearly three months, Vargas was… More

Sergio Ramirez

Notable literary writer and winner of the 2017 Cervantes Prize, Ramirez is an outspoken critic of the Nicaraguan government. He wrote a novel Tongolele no Sabia Bailar in 2021… More

Christopher Acosta Alfaro

An investigative journalist and author of the book Plata como cancha, Acosta was sued for defamation by presidential candidate Cézar Acuña after his book was published. In his book… More

Rafael Vilches Proenza

Vilches Proenza is a novelist and poet whose work critical of the Cuban government. In 2021, he was briefly detained, interrogated, and threatened several times. In November, he was… More

Rubens Valente

A long time reporter who has written two books, Valente was sued for defamation after writing a book on the arrest and release of Brazil's most powerful bankers by… More

Salman Rushdie

A former PEN America president, Rushdie is a well-known novelist who has written over 20 books. In 1989, he was the target of a fatwa issued by the Iranian… More