Natalia Mallo

Mallo faces police harassment, death and rape threats, and attempted physical attacks in Brazil for directing O Segundo Jesus, Rainha do Céu, a play that explores the multiplicity of… More

Rodrigo Neto de Faria

On March 8, 2013, Rodrigo Neto de Faria was killed in Ipatinga. At the time, Neto was reportedly writing a book investigating several murders with suspected police involvement. While… More

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Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald was threatened via email and social media after the publication of an investigative series about corruption in Brazil's “Operation Car Wash.” Accused of hacking public officials’ phones, he… More

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Caetano Veloso

In March 2019, Veloso, a musician and writer who openly criticized the right-wing measures proposed by President Jair Bolsonaro during his presidential campaign, was publicly threatened by the Bishop… More

Alejandro Salazar Al-Azar

An artist and illustrator, Salazar had been a regular contributor to local Bolivian newspaper La Razón. Following a series of threats and attacks in response to his critical political… More

Carlos Valverde Bravo

Valverde has been the target of harassment and dismissal from posts at national news outlets for his coverage of government corruption. Despite reprisal for his reporting, Valverde continues to… More

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Claudia Piñeiro

Prolific novelist Piñeiro is an advocate for women's rights and, specifically, the legalization of abortion in Argentina. She has faced serious harassment for her activism, including threats from anti-abortion… More

Itatí Schvartzman

Itatí Schvartzman

Schvartzman is a Jewish feminist activist who has faced harassment for her writing. In 2018, she received death threats via Facebook, and in late 2019 she was the victim… More