Juan Martinez D’Aubuisson

Columnist Martinez D'Aubuisson is the author of The Hollywood Kid: The Violent Life and Violent Death of an MS-13 Hitman. He has been researching gang violence in Latin America extensively… More

Gustavo Gorriti

A veteran journalist and author of five Peruvian history books, Gorriti has faced multiple instances of harassment dating back to 1992. In February 2023, 30 protestors stood outside his… More

Victor Ticay

Ticay, a broadcast journalist for a local TV channel, is serving an 8 year prison sentence for his online commentary on his Facebook page "La Portada." In Trial held in… More

Victor Herrero

Editor and founder of the independent news website Interferencia, Herrero was convicted on charges of defaming a police colonel on May 22, 2023 after he wrote a story on him. He… More

Robert Posada Rosero

Author of four short novels, Rosero is also a journalist who has left Colombia for his own safety. He received three separate death threats in December 2021 and authorities… More

Julián Fernando Martinez Vallejo

Martinez Vallejo is an award-winning investigative journalist and author of ChuzaDAS. His writing is focused on illegal surveillance of journalists. On February 22, 2022, Vallejo was attacked by armed individuals. He… More

Julián Fuks

Author of Resistance, Fuks has faced harassment for a column he wrote about Brazilian then-president Bolsonaro. The 2016 winner of Brazil's prestigious Jabuti literary prize, he has received death threats… More

Jeferson Tenório

Author of The Back of the Skin, Tenório received death threats while on tour to promote his book in São Paulo, Brazil in March 2022. The original title O Avesso da Pele got… More

Dom Phillips

A columnist and literary writer, Phillips was shot and killed on June 5, 2022 in the remote Javari Valley in the western part of the Amazonas in Brazil. He… More

José Viñuela

An author and journalist, Viñuela received death threats from an unknown telephone number on September 8, 2022. Viñuela has written about the 2023 Argentine presidential election, and is also… More