Pixel Flesh

These poems are excerpted from Pixel Flesh, a haunting translation of prose poetry collection by Agustín Fernández Mallo, who has pioneered an important shift in contemporary Spanish writing and… More


The Mysterious HouseWhen he said the house was “mysterious,” Papá set my imagination racing. I had imagined a dark, dank two-story English manor house, walls shrouded in thick ivy,… More

Beauty Salon

A few years ago my interest in aquariums led me to decorate my beauty salon with colored fish. Now that the salon has become the Terminal, where people who… More

Heartbreak Tango

FIRST EPISODEThe shadows on the dance floor,this tango brings sad memories to mind,let us dance and think no morewhile my satin dress has a chanceto shine like a tear… More

The Black Minutes

I had the most important nightmare of my life so far while traveling in a bus down a highway flanked by pine trees. I haven’t been able to figure… More

The Private Lives of Trees

Verónica was studying for an Art degree—she was in her second year—when Daniela arrived and threw everything off course.Anticipating the pain was her way of experiencing it—a young pain… More

On Elegance While Sleeping

December 4, 18 …At birth, I felt the desire to correct the human tendency to feel fragile and imperfect. I’ve therefore sanctified my life to this sole endeavor. Logic… More

Questioning Samantha

How much he’d love just to break the window so he wouldn’t have to clean it! Two days ago he’d had a conversation with the recently appointed editor of… More

Days in Prison

Día 4Mi nueva vida me ha llevado a latir en forma de embrión o de mundo. Tengo una interconexión con el embrión de cada ser humano. Vi todos los… More