Byu Har

Hip-hop artist Byu Har has used his work to criticize the junta, leading to warnings from authorities. He was arrested in May 2023 after live-streaming a video to social… More

Shin Daewe

Shin Daewe is a prominent screenwriter and filmmaker whose works comment on poverty and social issues. She was arrested in October 2023 after police confiscated a video drone… More

Bo Bo Htoo Chaw Ba Thit

Bo Bo Htoo, a poet and literary writer, was arrested at his home on November 15, 2021 by military authorities and first sent to an interrogation camp. He was… More

Htun Zaw Win Wyne

Htun Zaw Win, also known as Wyne, is a screenwriter and director whose films have won multiple awards from the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization. His short film Ban That… More

Kyaw Min Yu Ko Jimmy

Literary writer and prominent pro-democracy activist "Ko Jimmy," imprisoned multiple times previously, was charged over his Facebook posts in February 2021 and arrested in October; a military tribunal sentenced… More

Zarganar Maung Thura

On April 6, 2021, comedian Zarganar was arrested in a broader campaign against cultural figures following the 2021 military coup. He was released conditionally on October 18, 2021 after… More

Myanmar Spring Diary

Writers from India and the Indian diaspora reflect on the state of free expression in India in its 75th year of independence. More