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Disinformation threatens our democracy. Here’s what to expect when you’re electing—and how to fight back against misleading information.

Disinformation. Spot it. Check it. Stop it.

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Disinformation and misinformation. Know the difference.

: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth

: incorrect or misleading information; not necessarily spread deliberately or intended to influence opinion

Test Your Election Disinformation Knowledge

Think you know how to spot, check, and stop the surge of disinformation heading our way this election season? Let John Lithgow, Tayari Jones, Alan Cumming, and some of your other favorite authors help you check your knowledge—and pledge to combat disinformation in the weeks ahead.

Hear from the experts

Ashley Bryant

Ashley Bryant

Ashley Bryant, who is co-leading the Win Black - Pa’lante campaign, speaks about the campaign and how disinformation is targeting Black and Latinx voters.
Anoa Changa

Anoa Changa

Writer, lawyer, and movement journalist Anoa Changa speaks about the importance of stopping the spread of misinformation and what we can expect from this election season.
Cindi Leive

Cindi Leive

Journalist, media leader, and advocate for women Cindi Leive speaks about affecting change and the importance of centering women in storytelling and advocacy.
Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor

Documentary filmmaker, writer, activist, and musician Astra Taylor speaks about her book, Democracy May Not Exist But We’ll Miss it When It’s Gone, and how voting is an act of resistance.

How the country’s largest news outlet will navigate election night

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Here’s what you can do. Right now.

1) Diversify your news intake.

2) If you see a headline that gets your heart racing, take a beat before sharing or liking.

3) Fact check with sites like PolitiFact or Duke Reporters' Lab.

4) Did your brother share a fake story? Don’t shame him. Check out our guide to talk to your friends and family about misinformation.

5) See a confusing story about voter registration, election deadlines, or polling place closures? Check 866OurVote.org for state-specific information.

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What To Expect When You’re Electing: A Reading List

We have gathered a list of nonfiction books that provide historical context around this moment and can help you navigate disinformation and voter suppression, learn more about political media coverage and digital content, and be informed consumers and sharers of information, especially in this critical moment.


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Behind The Decision Desk Event Graphic

Behind the Decision Desk: Fox News, the AP, CNN, and What To Expect on Election Night

Decision desk editors at the Associated Press, Fox News, and CNN joined PEN America to discuss election calls, projections, and how news organizations plan to navigate the challenges of election night 2020.


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Disinformation Defense Workshops

PEN America has a series of disinformation defense workshops and trainings to equip you with the tools you need to spot, check, and stop disinformation. Get everything you need to understand the news. Join us.


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Regional Town Halls

We are bringing together voting rights experts, community organizers, journalists, and voters to prepare for an unprecedented election. Join us for a virtual town hall in partnership with our PEN Across America initiative, with communities in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina.


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