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[WEBINAR] Voting Matters: Disinformation with Washington Post Live

America’s adversaries have become adept at harnessing social media to influence the electoral process and promote their own strategic interests. But disinformation is not just a foreign threat—it’s a tactic employed by American politicians against their opponents. For the second edition of our Voting Matters series, Washington Post Live—in partnership with PEN America—focuses on the role of disinformation in the voting process: looking at how disinformation fills gaps in data, knowledge and understanding, how it impacts turnout, and how it could affect the 2020 election. If you plan to tweet about the event, follow us on Twitter at @penamerica and use the hashtag #WhatToExpect2020.

Tune in on Tuesday, October 6 at 3pm ET.


This event is part of PEN America’s #WhatToExpect2020 initiative, which we launched this fall to empower voters to understand the uniqueness of the 2020 election, inoculate the public from the threats of disinformation, and build awareness of the electoral process.

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