PEN International welcomes reports that all charges against writer and activist Enoh Meyomesse have been dropped, but is outraged that he remains in jail. We are also worried by reports that Meyomesse is suffering from a serious eye condition, for which he must undergo an urgent operation if he is to avoid going blind. PEN calls on the Cameroonian authorities to release Enoh Meyomesse immediately.

Background Information

Enoh Meyomesse, 57, is the author of numerous books and is a founding member of the Cameroon Writers Association. He was arrested on November 22, 2011, and charged with attempting to organize a coup, possessing a firearm, and aggravated theft. Meyomesse denied all charges and maintained that he had been arrested because of views expressed in his writings, and for his political activism. He faced a 50-year prison sentence if found guilty.

Since the moment of his arrest, there have been serious concerns about the charges against him and about his treatment in prison, which at times amounted to torture. There were reports that the prosecution had fabricated evidence, and that Meyomesse was denied proper legal representation for the first few months of his incarceration

In late January 2012, the coup charges against the writer were the first to be dropped; in the intervening months, the other charges against Meyomesse have also crumbled. Until recently, the only charge on which he was being held was a minor infringement of mineral trading law. According to reports, this charge has now been dropped too.

Despite facing no charges, Meyomesse is being held in the over-crowded Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé. He has been detained since November 2011. His first month in detention was spent in solitary confinement and in complete darkness. According to reports, this month in total blackness probably provoked the debilitating eye condition which, if left untreated, will lead to total blindness.

PEN has campaigned on Meyomesse’s behalf since his arrest. For further information on Enoh Meyomesse, and on the poor state of free expression in Cameroon, please see previous Rapid Actions.

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  • Calling for the immediate release of Enoh Meyomesse on the grounds that he no longer faces any charges;
  • Demanding that he receive proper and urgent medical treatment for his eye condition.

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