Marzouka Oummou Hani

Hani, a talented young author, wrote Mon Pere ou Mon Destin (My Father or My Destiny). She was sued for blasphemy by the leader of Idool Village for alleged derogatory comments… More

Gaston Philippe Abe Abe

Gaston Philippe Abe Abe Valsero

Abe Abe, known by his stage name Valsero, was arrested at a demonstration in Yaoundé and spent almost nine months in prison on trumped up charges, including terrorism. He… More

Writers at Risk Database

Eric Ohena Lembembe

A lawyer who represented LGBT clients, Lembembe's mutilated body was found on July 15, 2013. Though the Cameroonian government denies reports that his murder was linked to LGBT activism,… More

Tsi Conrad

Conrad, a photojournalist, was beaten and arrested at gunpoint in 2016 while filming a rally at which police killed four protesters. For disseminating the footage, Conrad was sentenced to… More

Writers at Risk Database

Enoh Meyomesse

In November 2011, Meyomesse was arrested for attempting to organize a coup following a failed presidential bid challenging the 30-year rule of President Paul Biya. He served three years… More