(MIAMI)— A bill under consideration by Florida lawmakers that would prohibit flags in public schools and universities that express “political viewpoints” would chill free expression in K-12 schools and universities, PEN America said today. The bill, HB 901, explicitly cites “racial, [or] sexual orientation and gender” viewpoints within the list of prohibitions alongside “politically partisan” and “political ideology” viewpoints.

PEN America wrote a letter to the Legislature expressing the threat such a bill poses for free expression in public schools.

In response to the bill, Katie Blankenship, director of PEN America Florida, said: “This vague bill will chill personal and political expression in our K-12 schools and universities,” said Blankenship. “Designating all flags that reflect racial, gender, and sexual orientation as expressing “political viewpoints” is a dangerous leap. Identity is not inherently political. This vague language risks overapplication and misuse, and will likely be used to suppress symbolic expression of LGBTQ+ and racial identities. The bill’s conflation of K-12 schools and higher education institutions is also particularly concerning, as First Amendment jurisprudence differs in these contexts.”

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