Epic Endeavors

In the twentieth century alone, the Amphitryon myth has been adapted by a French novelist, two German playwrights, an opera composer, an anti-Nazi filmmaker, and Cole Porter. Have we… More

The Forest Unseen

Indeed, the truth of the forest may be more clearly and vividly revealed by the contemplation of a small area than it could be by donning ten-league boots, covering… More

The Black Count

Today, the world is so awash in sugar—it is such a staple of the modern diet, associated with all that is cheap and unhealthy—that it’s hard to believe things… More

Gun Dealers’ Daughter

In the chapel, Baroque music played from invisible speakers, and the haunting tones of a sourceless cantata convinced me momentarily of the presence of God. He was there in… More


He decided to guess who the perpetrator was, even though he had nothing to base his suspicions on, like a poker player going all in with a pair of… More

Like Any Normal Day

While the sport would never be entirely free of peril, the dangers that remained embedded in it called upon young men to prove themselves in ways that no other… More

The Intake Office

So much time is wasted when they won’t do the simplest things they’re asked. The newly dead, Bea thought, are just pathetic. More