PEN 2014 World Voices Festival: Pussy Riot

The image of the Russian dissident has changed. After campaigning for the release of the incarcerated members of Pussy Riot for eighteen months, PEN invites Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria… More

American Sublime

We want Brasil but Brasil won’t win. Aden waves a desultory green and yellow flag. From the East to the West to the West to the East we scatter and settle and… More

A History of Trauma

KHALED MATTAWA: What’s ringing in my ear now is the adverb “originally,” and I want to discuss with Hanan and Fadhil the issue of origins. My question for them… More

Inappropriate Appropriation

RICK MOODY: I think the pressing question of the PEN World Voices Festival is “Why, exactly, are we bothering?” The United States of America has become a culture that… More