The PEN Ten with Etgar Keret

"I think that great stories are inherently much smarter than the people who wrote them, because they are not about inventing something but rather about uniquely exposing something that… More

PEN Appeal: Abdulaelah Haider Shaea

February 2, 2011 His Excellency General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh President Office of the President Sana’a Republic of Yemen Fax: + 967 127 4147 Mutaher Rashad al Masri Minister of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Sana’a Republic of Yemen Fax: +… More

Etgar Keret & George Saunders

I was amazed by your stories, by the quality and quantity of imagination, and the unbelievable overflow of ideas. So I wanted to ask a question that’s probably unfair.… More