tree in cracked ground landscape; dark sky and clouds in background

The War Within

There’s a phrase I’ve heard all too often during my time in prison: “I’ve been doing this all my life.” It’s one I’ve used myself, but I quickly follow… More

cracked window

Broken Pieces

“First off, I wnat to say sorry for the pain I've caused, and at the same time, I know no matter what I say or how much I apologize,… More

Hefe weizen beer in a plastic cup

The Law of Averages

A blind covers the window, though sunlight pokes in to the almost empty room through open corners. A couple plastic laundry baskets hold unfolded clothes, and several cardboard boxes,… More

broken glass with a blue sky in the background

The Thaw

"You had to have something you wanted from life before you came to prison." More