Two Poems from Red Doc>

He hadn’t known his / grandmother long or well. / She smelled like Noxzema. / Didn’t like doctors. Believed in herbs and the / Bible. When the apostles /… More

Poetry, Not Just a Book

Poetry is not just a book anymore. Beyond online journals, poems happily interact with film and video, music, dance, and, well, we’re here today to celebrate all the ways… More

Eggers, Hacker, DeLillo and Others Honored

This week two literary organizations with an interest in writing and social justice honored authors with an array of awards. The Dayton Literary Peace Prize and the PEN American… More

An Oresteia

What are you waiting for? You have your / orders–strew the ground with fabrics, / now! / Make his path crimsoncovered! / purplepaved! redsaturated! More