An Ordinary Prison

The surprise of a dog chewing its bone / As if this were an ordinary household / Inventory the scene; catalogue its contraband of loss More


Some of the travelers around the square blinked away from gazing at the dreamily whitening and reddening coals, and looked up at Auntie. She defied every stare, until their… More

Lessons in Love and Loss

Today is my birthday. Now that I've lived longer than I ever expected, and while I still have my right mind, I thought I'd better write down some things… More

Son of the District

I wasn't the gangster type, all loco to draw down on some fools, but you've got to protect your interests, and I was mainly interested in not getting peeled… More

The Music of Lucas Darnish

His right hand broken and rebroken, the knuckles recessed toward his wrist until the knuckle of his pinkie almost touched it. When he held his hand sideways, it looked… More

The 72-Hour Trial

Paralyzed? Unable to walk? Unable to have sex? Unable to work, run, play or swim? The papers became a blur, then I noticed it was from my tears.… More

Come Break Me Down

I try to envision hanging myself from a locker that is shorter than I am. It seems impossible even in my head, despite any amount of dedication. I decide… More