Memduh Bayraktaroglu

Bayraktaroglu is a columnist for Korkusuz newspaper. On February 24, 2023 a group of alleged ultranationalists attempted to raid his home following a tweet he posted two days earlier.… More

Juan Martinez D’Aubuisson

Columnist Martinez D'Aubuisson is the author of The Hollywood Kid: The Violent Life and Violent Death of an MS-13 Hitman. He has been researching gang violence in Latin America… More

Filipp Dzyadko

Author, journalist, and Russian opposition figure Dzyadko had to leave Russia shortly after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. After a year living in Georgia, he was denied re-entry and detained… More

Gustavo Gorriti

A veteran journalist and author of five Peruvian history books, Gorriti has faced multiple instances of harassment dating back to 1992. In February 2023, 30 protestors stood outside his… More

Salman Rushdie

A former PEN America president, Rushdie is a well-known novelist who has written over 20 books. In 1989, he was the target of a fatwa issued by the Iranian… More

Danson Kahyana

A writer, poet, and academic, Dr Kanhaya's online writing was sometimes critical of the authorities. In April 2022, he was violently attacked by unkown assailants on his way home… More

Ergün Poyraz

A literary writer, Poyraz is best known for his controversial views on the ruling AKP party and the faith-based Gülen movement. He wrote a best seller titled "The Children… More

Boris Bulgakov

In September 2022, a group of poets took part in the regular Mayakovsky Readings in Moscow. Bulgakov was arrested in front of his home in the evening by plainclothes… More

Idrak Mirzalizade

Belarusian stand-up comedian Mirzalizade was attacked by two men in June 2021 for a joke that was alleged to be insulting to ethnic Russians. In August, he was sentenced… More

Güvenç Dağüstün

Güvenç Dağüstün

Dağüstün is a singer, online commentator, and columnist who is a sharp critic of the government. In July 2021, he was detained due to his tweet criticizing academic Selman… More