Rafael Vilches Proenza

Vilches Proenza is a novelist and poet whose work critical of the Cuban government. In 2021, he was briefly detained, interrogated, and threatened several times. In November, he was… More

Salman Rushdie

A former PEN America president, Rushdie is a well-known novelist who has written over 20 books. In 1989, he was the target of a fatwa issued by the Iranian… More

Danson Kahyana

A writer, poet, and academic, Dr Kanhaya's online writing was sometimes critical of the authorities. In April 2022, he was violently attacked by unkown assailants on his way home… More

Ergün Poyraz

A literary writer, Poyraz is best known for his controversial views on the ruling AKP party and the faith-based Gülen movement. He wrote a best seller titled "The Children… More

Miron Fyodorov Oxxxymiron

A rapper and songwriter, Fyodorov wrote a song that was found to be "extremist" by a Moscow Court. He was fined 45k rubles on December 12, 2022 for discrediting… More

Boris Bulgakov

In September 2022, a group of poets took part in the regular Mayakovsky Readings in Moscow. Bulgakov was arrested in front of his home in the evening by plainclothes… More

Idrak Mirzalizade

A Belarussian stand-up comedian, Mirzalizade was attacked by two men in June 2021, and in August, he was sentenced to ten days in prison for the same joke, alleged… More

Güvenç Dağüstün

Güvenç Dağüstün

Dağüstün is a singer, online commentator, and columnist known as a sharp critic of the government. In July 2021, he was briefly detained due to his tweet criticizing academic… More

Jineth Bedoya Lima | Status: Under Threat | Colombia

Jineth Bedoya Lima is a Colombian journalist who reports on law enforcement, paramilitary groups, and abductions within Colombia. Bedoya Lima was abducted twice while reporting—once on May 25, 2000,… More

Stanislav Dmitrievsky | Status: Under Threat | Russia

Stanislav Dmitrievsky, a human rights advocate, is continually under threat for his work promoting human rights in Chechnya. More