Jineth Bedoya Lima | Status: Under Threat | Colombia

Jineth Bedoya Lima is a Colombian journalist who reports on law enforcement, paramilitary groups, and abductions within Colombia. Bedoya Lima was abducted twice while reporting—once on May 25, 2000,… More

Stanislav Dmitrievsky | Status: Under Threat | Russia

Stanislav Dmitrievsky, a human rights advocate, is continually under threat for his work promoting human rights in Chechnya. More

Guillermo Sheridan

In July 2019, Sheridan, a scholar, columnist, public commentator, and literary critic, received a death threat in a letter delivered to his home. In January 2023, Sheridan was granted… More

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Stanislav Dmitrievsky

In December 2012, a petition was filed against writer Dmitrievsky alleging his study on Chechnya was “extremist” in nature. In 2013, after expert evaluation of the study, the petition… More

Maria Josephina Vergina Laurio Jover

Writer and anonymous blogger on criminality, Laurio’s identity was revealed in October 2017. Since then, she has faced a barrage of threats, including threats of rape. She reportedly moved… More

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Lydia Cacho

Cacho faces harassment and attacks for her investigative journalism. In July 2019, two individuals broke into her home, stole equipment and research materials, and killed her dogs. Despite IACHR… More

Jairo López

A member of PEN Honduras, López has been repeatedly arrested in retaliation for his political commentary and reporting, and has been prohibited from leaving the country and required to… More

Writers at Risk Database

Jineth Bedoya Lima

Bedoya was abducted twice while reporting: she was kidnapped, raped, and tortured while preparing for an interview with a paramilitary group leader in 2000; and was abducted in 2003… More

Writers at Risk Database

Tashi Wangchuk

Tashi has publicly advocated for Tibetan language rights, drawing persecution from the state. In 2016, he was secretly detained and held incommunicado for two months. Sentenced to five years… More

Writers at Risk Database

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

In 2018 Dr. Iqbal was stabbed by an anti-secular extremist after receiving multiple death threats. Iqbal recovered and one of his attackers received life in prison while another received… More