Dima Sadek

Journalist and online commentator Sadek has been the target of harassment campaigns by supporters of the Shiite Hezbollah movement and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM). She was sued by… More

Victor Herrero

Editor and founder of the independent news website Interferencia, Herrero was convicted on charges of defaming a police colonel on May 22, 2023 after he wrote a story on him. He… More

Ahmet Turan Alkan

A columnist for Zaman newspaper and literary writer, Alkan has been facing harassment for his written work since 2016. He was sentenced to 2 years and six months in… More

Christopher Acosta Alfaro

An investigative journalist and author of the book Plata como cancha, Acosta was sued for defamation by presidential candidate Cézar Acuña after his book was published. In his book… More

Rubens Valente

A long time reporter who has written two books, Valente was sued for defamation after writing a book on the arrest and release of Brazil's most powerful bankers by… More

Fazel Torkaman

Torkaman is an author and poet of 10 published works including "The Girl Who Wiped My Tears." He was summoned to court and then arrested before being immediately released… More

Azad Zal Mehmet Güngõmüs

A writer, former journalist, translator, and Kurdish-language teacher, Zal was released from prison in 2004 after spending 12 years in prison. He was arrested again on June 30, 2020… More

Kaan Göktas

Goktas is journalist and online commentator who writes on cybersecurity. He was sentenced to two years in prison in 2021 for sharing a poem by Ottoman poet Sunbulzade Vehi… More

Ahmed Hassan Al-Zoubi Al-Zubi

A columnist, playwright, and political satirist, Al-Zoubi is facing continued harassment for his work. In March 2022, his vehicle was intercepted on his way to the airport, and he… More

Mostafa Aleahmad

On July 8, 2022, Aleahmad was arrested alongside filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof for “inciting unrest” and “disrupting the psychological safety of society.” He was released on bail after testing positive… More