Abolhassan Kamali

Poet Abolhassan Kamali was given a four-month suspended sentence of two years seven months imprisonment at home with an electronic handcuff on charges of blasphemy and spreading lies. The… More

Anouar Rahmani

Since 2017, Rahmani has been threatened with legal action for content in his books, including a gay relationship and a depiction of God. In November 2020, he was found… More

Prashant Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan

In August 2020, the Supreme Court fined lawyer and author Bhushan one rupee for two tweets critical of the Court, convicting him of “contempt of court.” Bhushan paid the… More

Tsitsi Danngarembga

Tsitsi Dangarembga

Dangarembga was arrested for taking part in anti-corruption protests in July 2020 and was released on bail the next day. She appeared at least 25 times in court on… More

Kirill Serebrennikov

Kirill Serebrennikov | Status: Convicted | Russia

Kirill Serebrennikov, a prominent Russian theater director, was put under house arrest on August 23 on charges of fraud. More

Writers at Risk Database

Chan Kin-Man

Chan is a sociologist and leader of the pro-democracy movement Occupy Central. He was convicted on public nuisance charges and sentenced to 16 months in prison in April 2019.… More

Writers at Risk Database

Büşra Ersanli

In June 2018, Ersanli was convicted on terrorism charges for her endorsement of a petition, organized by a group called Academics for Peace, criticizing military violence against the Kurds.… More

Emre Orman

In October 2019, Orman was arrested for online criticism of Türkiye's invasion of southwestern Kurdistan. He was charged with spreading terrorist propaganda and released weeks later on appeal. Convicted… More

Mümtaz’er Türköne

Police detained Türköne, a columnist for the daily Zaman, as part of a purge of suspected followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen after the failed July 2016 coup. He… More

Writers at Risk Database

Siraphop Kornaroot Rung Sila

Rung Sila was detained for writing a poem deemed offensive to the monarchy and faced 45 years in prison under the lèse-majesté law. Granted bail in 2019 after nearly… More