Abdel-Rahman Mekled

Mekled was arrested in August 2017 as part of a group of journalists and writers who had criticized the Egyptian government's decision to renounce its claim on several Red… More

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Abdel-Halim Qandil

A prolific journalist whose work has been censored many times in the past decade, Qandil was jailed in December 2017 for comments he made in a TV interview criticizing… More

Karam Saber

Karam Saber

In June 2013, author and land rights activist Saber was sentenced to 5 years in prison for “contempt of religion” in connection with his 2010 collection of short stories,… More

Medhat Safwat

Sawfat, who has written critically about fundamentalist groups’ strict interpretation of Islam, has faced verbal abuse and intimidation after each piece he has written. He was also formally admonished… More

Writers at Risk Database

Kareem Amer

Known for the secular views expressed on his blog, Amer was sentenced to four years in prison for disparaging Islam and defaming the president in 2007. Upon his scheduled… More

Writers at Risk Database

Mahmoud Zeid Shawkan

Shawkan was arrested while taking photos of the Rabaa Massacre in August 2013 and initially faced the death penalty due to a slew of arbitrary charges. While he was… More

Hisham Fouad Mohamed AbdelHalim Hisham Fouad

A columnist for Mada Masr, Fouad was detained in June 2019 and charged with participating in a Muslim Brotherhood plot to overthrow the Sisi regime. After beginning a hunger… More

Magdi Ahmed Hussein Gad

Hussein, who has authored pieces that comparatively examine Islam and Western values, was given a reduced five-year sentence in 2016 for his “contempt of Islam,” alleged distortion of the… More

Khaled Daoud

The former leader of the Egyptian Constitution Party, Daoud was arrested during the September 2019 protests against the Sisi regime after he made a video calling for investigations into… More

Hassan Nafaa

Political science professor Nafaa was arrested in September 2019 just days after he criticized President El-Sisi in the press. His detention was part of a wave of 1,400 dissident… More