All of the cases that my father judged were nearly as small, as ridiculous, as petty. though a few were heartbreaking, or a combination of sad and idiotic, like… More


A marvelously handsome young ethicist spoke enlighteningly with the populace, calling on it with ingenious eloquence to turn its back on schnapps once and for all. More

The Mere Future

1. Coma Toast(In the future, when things are slightly better because there has been a big change.)Back in the present, my lover Nadine and I have moved to a… More

Quiet Chaos

I do spinning. Yolanda’s cellphone starts ringing in the nick of time: it forces her to walk a few steps away from me to answer it, and I can… More

The Dead Republic

Model Ts prowling the country, men in trenchcoats moving in to kill me. But the Civil War was three decades gone, and it was just a Limerick taxi. I… More

Yoshihiro Tatsumi: Hell

"Hell," a graphic story by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, appears in PEN America 10: Fear Itself. To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of PEN America 10: Fear… More

Revolution et literature

I spotted Professor Youssef sitting at his usual table. That lazy, pretentious, Algerian pseudo-French intellectual always dresses up in gabardine suits with the same thin tie that had its… More