Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Camejo

A freelance journalist, poet, and cultural promoter, Rodríguez was arrested on June 28, 2020 for “contempt of authority” hours after posting on Facebook about the murder of Hansel Ernesto… More

Abdo Fayed

Fayed, an Egyptian journalist and online commentator, remains detained without trial since May 2020, charged with disinformation and joining a terrorist group. The detention followed a series of Facebook… More

Ruslan Kulevich

Journalist and author Kulevich was brutally detained by police at a protest against the Lukashenka regime. He was beaten, both of his arms were broken, and he was sentenced… More

Amer Abdel Moneim

Moneim writes political opinion articles that have included criticism of President El-Sisi’s policies. In December 2020, he was arrested and charged with “spreading false news” and “participating in terrorist… More

Yury Stylski

In August 2020, Stylski, lyricist and leader of a black-listed band ‘Daj Dorogu,’ attended a peaceful rally in Brest with a loud-speaker and Belarusian flag. He was later detained… More

Amin El-Mahdy

El-Mahdy, a writer and publisher, was arrested on September 9, 2020 because of a Facebook post calling the Egyptian President “a murderer, traitor, coward, and thief.” He was released… More

Chai Xiaoming

Chai was detained on March 21, 2019 for publishing a politically sensitive article on Red Reference, a magazine where he worked as an editor. He was held for six… More

Chen Zhaozhi

Chen Zhaozhi, a scholar and online commentator, was detained in March 2020 for his online writings criticizing the government during COVID-19. His prolonged detention has placed Chen, who already… More

Alexei Kuzmich

Alexei Kuzmich

On Election Day, August 9, 2020, Alexei Kuzmich gave a part of his performance “I Believe or the Philistine World of Political Animals” at a polling location. The next… More

Anastasiya Zakharevich

On September 5, 2020 Zakharevich was detained while taking photos at a rally and convicted to seven days of administrative arrest. On November 5, 2020 she was detained again… More