Gendun Lhundrub Lhamko

Gendun Lhundrub is a former monk who is well-known for his cultural activism and online writings in support of free expression. In December 2020, Chinese authorities detained him, and,… More

Khado Tsetan

Tibetan lyricist Khado Tsetan was detained in 2019 due to a song he wrote that praised the Dalai Lama. In July 2020 the Chinese government sentenced him to seven… More

Lhundrub Drakpa

Lhundrub Drakpa was detained in May 2019 shortly after the release of his song “Black Hat.” He had been arbitrarily detained for over a year, during which he was… More

Ablikim Kalkun

In late 2019, Uyghur comedian and singer Kalkun was reportedly sentenced to 18 years in prison for performing songs deemed politically sensitive, despite the fact they were earlier approved… More

Qasim Sidiq

Qasim Sidiq was detained by authorities in March 2017, after which he disappeared. Nearly four years later his detention was confirmed. According to a Radio Free Asia source, Sidiq’s… More

Denis Solís González

Solís González is a Cuban songwriter and rapper whose musical work critiques repression by the authorities. Solís was forcibly detained in November 2020 after he posted a video on… More

Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Camejo

A freelance journalist, poet, and cultural promoter, Rodríguez was arrested on June 28, 2020 for “contempt of authority” hours after posting on Facebook about the murder of Hansel Ernesto… More

Abdo Fayed

Fayed, an Egyptian journalist and online commentator, remains detained without trial since May 2020, charged with disinformation and joining a terrorist group. The detention followed a series of Facebook… More

Shafiqul Islam Kajol

Journalist Kajol was forcibly disappeared for 53 days in March 2020. Found early in May 2020, he was then detained for over 230 days by authorities on charges including… More

Alena Palachanskaya

During a street rally on August 20, 2020 both members of the band LAUDANS, Palachanskaya and Andrey Luhin, had their instruments confiscated. On October 16, 2020 both were detained… More