Pham Chi Thanh Pham Thanh

A member of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vietnam, Pham Thanh is the author of several books and essays critical of government leaders. He was arrested on May 21,… More

Maykel Castillo Perez

Maykel Castillo Pérez El Osorbo

Pérez has faced harassment for his activism, including police beatings and repeated arbitrary detentions since 2018. He was arrested in May 2021 for co-writing “Patria y Vida,” a Grammy-winning… More

Wang Yuwen Wang Zang

Poet Wang Zang was taken by police from his home in Chuxiong City in May 2020 and charged in July with “incitement to subvert state power.” Evidence against him… More

Zhang Guiqi Lu Yang

Poet Zhang was taken into police custody in May 2020, and charged with “inciting subversion of state power” a month later. Though unconfirmed, the charge is suspected to be… More

Long Puthera Thxera-Kampuchea

After the arrest of fellow rapper Kea Sokun, Long Puthera was detained in September 2020 for his song about income inequality. Found guilty of “incitement,” he was sentenced to… More

Writers at Risk Database

Jordi Cuixart

Cuixart is a Catalan poet who advocates for the region’s independence. In October 2019, Cuixart, already detained, received a nine-year prison sentence and ban on holding office for sedition.… More

Writers at Risk Database

Jordi Sànchez

Sànchez is a Catalan writer who advocates for the region’s independence. In October 2019, Sànchez, already detained, received a nine-year prison sentence and a ban on holding office for… More

Ihar Bancer

Bancer, lyricist and frontman for band Mister X, was detained in October 2020 for his partially nude protest in front of police, after being released from jail 10 days… More

Imad Barghouthi

Palestinian astrophysicist and professor Barghouthi was arrested on June 16, 2020. On August 2, 2020, after being detained for more than two weeks without explanation, he was charged with… More

Gulmira Imin

Imin, a poet and Uyghur-language website moderator from China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010 for “splittism, leaking state secrets, and organizing an illegal… More

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