Ahed Tamimi

Tamimi, a Palestinian activist, is author of They Called Me a Lioness. In November 2023, she was arrested in the West Bank for incitement based on an Instagram post… More

Mohammed Sabaaneh

Sabaaneh, a Palestinian cartoonist, has been repeatedly harassed by both Palestinian (PA) and Israeli authorities. He has been detained multiple times by Israeli border forces at Allenby Bridge without… More

Mosab Abu Toha

Abu Toha is a poet and essayist. In 2017 he opened Gaza’s first English-language library, and in 2022, he published a collection of poems titled Things You May Find… More

Nawef Al-Amer

Columnist and social media commentator Al-Amer authored Days of Ashes (2013), where he recounts his experience as a detainee for 13 months in an Israeli prison in 2011. In… More

Asal Abasian

A queer journalist and writer, Abasian was forced to flee Iran in 2021 after being interrogated and threatened with imprisonment due to their writing, journalistic work, and activism. Exiled… More

Dalia Ziada

An award-winning author and political analyst, Ziada had to flee Egypt after receiving threats for her condemnation of Hamas and support for Israel following the October 7th attacks. A… More

Prabir Purkayastha

Purkayastha is the founder of NewsClick, an independent news website, and a public intellectual. In October 2023, the NewsClick offices and his home were raided, in a wide sweep… More

Bariş Pehlivan

Author and journalist Pehlivan was arrested in February 2020 for “disclosing information” on intelligence agencies in his reporting. He was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison… More

Merdan Yanardağ

Writer Yanardağ faced 2 separate trials in 2023. He was tried for “insulting the president” starting in March, on charges stemming from a 2022 article. Additionally, he was detained… More

Siarzhiej Krasnabarod

Krasnabarod, a writer and editor at the Gomel Plus Radio Station, also wrote political poetry. In May 2023, he was arrested along with colleagues for “distribution of extremist materials”… More