Sergio Ramirez

Notable literary writer and winner of the 2017 Cervantes Prize, Ramirez is an outspoken critic of the Nicaraguan government. He wrote a novel Tongolele no Sabia Bailar in 2021… More

Christopher Acosta Alfaro

An investigative journalist and author of the book Plata como cancha, Acosta was sued for defamation by presidential candidate Cézar Acuña after his book was published. In his book… More

Rafael Vilches Proenza

Vilches Proenza is a novelist and poet whose work critical of the Cuban government. In 2021, he was briefly detained, interrogated, and threatened several times. In November, he was… More

Siarhei Haranin

A linguist and literary critic, Haranin was arrested after a raid on the National Academy of Science (NAS) for the Belarusian Culture, Language, and Literature in October 2022. He… More

Rubens Valente

A long time reporter who has written two books, Valente was sued for defamation after writing a book on the arrest and release of Brazil's most powerful bankers by… More

Farshid Ghorbanpour

A columnist, literary writer, and online commentator, Ghorbanpour was arrested at his home on September 25, 2022. Security forces pepper sprayed him and beaten him before taking him into… More

Fazel Torkaman

Torkaman is an author and poet of 10 published works including "The Girl Who Wiped My Tears." He was summoned to court and then arrested before being immediately released… More

Karamollah Soleimani

Soleimani is a playwright, literary writer, and theater director. He was arrested on September 21, 2022 and taken to an unknown location for his support of the protests. He… More

Mansoureh Mousavi

Mousavi, a sociologist, literary writer, and translator, was arrested at her home on September 20, 2022. Her laptop and some of her texts were confiscated by authorities. On October… More

Peyman Farhangian

Farhangian is a literary writer, poet and labor activist. He was first arrested in June 2020. He was initially sentenced to 38 years in prison on charges related to… More