Azamat Nuratdinov

Azamat Nuratdinov is an Uzbek blogger and reporter for El Khyzmetinde who was arrested in July 2022 and charged with inciting riots through distribution of propagandistic material. In January… More

Lolagul Kallykhanova

Kallykhanova is a columnist and owner of a news site Makan. She advocates for Karakalpak autonomy and is critical of the Uzbek central government. She disappeared in June 2022… More

Fazilhoja Arifhojaev

Arifhojaev is a blogger who is well-known for criticizing the Uzbek government’s restrictive religious policies. He was arrested in July 2021, and sentenced in January 2022 to a four… More

Islom Kholboev

Kholboev is an Uzbek journalist living in exile in Türkiye. He took an active part in the formation of the Birlik people's movement and the Erk party in the… More

Bakhtyar Kadirbergenov

An online commentator, Kadirbergenov was arrested in July 2022 and accused of participating in and organizing the Nukus riots. He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in January 2023.… More

Dauletmurat Tadzhimuratov

Tadzhimuratov allegedly organized a rally for Karakalpak autonomy in July 2022, leading to his detention. In January 2023, he was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment and ordered to pay… More

Mamadali Mahmudov | Status: Deceased | Uzbekistan

Mamadali Mahmudov is a renowned Uzbek writer and opposition activist who was released in 2013 after serving a 14-year sentence on charges related to a series of explosions in… More

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Ruslan Sharipov

Sharipov was detained in 2001 after publishing a series of articles challenging the government. In 2002, he was beaten three times, and, in 2003, was arrested on suspicion of… More

Writers at Risk Database

Muhammad Bekjanov

A prominent journalist and advocate for democracy in the post-Soviet era, Bekjanov was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1999 when then-president Karimov blamed explosions in Tashkent on Erk,… More

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Dzamshid Karimov

Freelance journalist Karimov has twice been placed in psychiatric detention by Uzbek authorities--for 5 years in 2006 and again for 5 years in 2012. A nephew of former president… More