Nay Phone Latt | Status: Released | Myanmar

Nay Phone Latt, an influential Burmese blogger and poet, was released on January 13, 2013, during a widespread amnesty. He had spent nearly four years behind bars for his… More

Serious Concerns for Zargana’s Health

International PEN is alarmed by reports that imprisoned leading comedian and poet Zargana is in poor health and has not been given full access to medical care and family… More

L’interprète Journalists Sentenced

PEN believes that the lengthy detention convictions of L'interprète editor Nsimba Embete Ponte and his assistant Davin Ntondo Nzovuanguand are in direct violation of their right to freedom of… More

Zargana Sentenced to Total of 59 Years

International PEN is appalled by the additional 14-year prison term handed down to leading comedian and poet Zargana on November 27, 2008, added to the 45-year sentence he received… More

Journalist Zaw Thet Htwe Sentenced

Journalist Zaw Thet Htwewas arrested on June 13, 2008 after leading a private effort to deliver aid to cyclone Nargis’ victims. More