Guillermo Sheridan

In July 2019, Sheridan, a scholar, columnist, public commentator, and literary critic, received a death threat in a letter delivered to his home. The reason and source of the… More

Pedro Faro Navarro

Poet, lawyer, and activist Navarro received anonymous death threats, one written in blood, after carrying out investigations into allegations of torture against prisoners. He reported the threats to the… More

María Guadalupe Lizarraga Hernández

In February 2019, unknown individuals raided journalist and author Lizarraga Hernández’s home, stealing a voice recorder with journalistic information. In April 2019, she was a victim of doxing on… More

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Marcos Hernández Bautista

Hernández, a reporter who covered the political influence of local strongmen, was shot as he climbed into his car in Oaxaca in January 2016. The alleged gunman was sentenced… More

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Ruben Espinosa

Espinosa was shot execution-style, along with four women, in Mexico City in July 2015. A photojournalist covering violence in Veracruz, he had fled to the capitol after receiving threats.… More

Writers at Risk Database

Anabel Flores Salazar Mariana Contreras

Flores Salazar, a journalist covering crime for the newspaper El Sol de Orizaba, was abducted by armed men and found dead along a highway near Veracruz state. Authorities linked… More

Filiberto Álvarez Landeros

Poet and journalist Álvarez Landeros was shot dead in Tlaquiltenango after hosting a show at a radio station. The Morelos State Attorney General ruled out his journalism as a… More

Guillermo Fernández García

Acclaimed poet and translator Fernández García was bound and killed at his home in Toluca in April 2012. The motive remains unknown. The case was referred to Mexico’s attorney… More