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Maina wa Kinyatti

A Marxist historian, Kinyatti served six years in prison from 1982-1988 for his criticism of authoritarian president Daniel arap Moi. During his time in prison, he was severely mistreated… More

Maina wa Kinyatti

Maina wa Kinyatti | Status: Released | Kenya

Kenyan writer and historian Maina wa Kinyatti was released on October 17, 1988, after serving six and a half years in prison, and fled to Tanzania fearing rearrest. After… More

Kenyan Pen President Released

International PEN welcomes the release of Kenyan PEN President Philo Ikonya and a student activist following their arrest yesterday while taking part in a peaceful demonstration against corruption in… More

Journalist Murdered Following Police Threats

International PEN is shocked by the murder of Weekly Citizen journalist Francis Nyaruri, who disappeared on January 15, 2009 and whose decapitated body was found on January 29. More

Pen President and Member Assaulted By Police

International PEN protests the arrest and alleged police assault of Philo Ikonya and Fwamba N C Fwamba, president and member of Kenyan PEN, respectively, in Nairobi on February 18,… More