Yu Yunfeng

Yu is a pro-democracy activist who was detained multiple times for his anti-CCP content over the years. In November 2022, Yu was detained and charged with "picking quarrels and… More

Xu Guang

Xu is a long -time democracy activist who has been arrested multiple times in past years; his latest arrest was on May 26, 2022. After he had been warned… More

Zhang Xiaodong

Online commentator Zhang was arrested by the Chinese authorities and charged with "picking quarrels and provoking trouble" for comments he made on WeChat, Moments, and QQ chat groups. Zhang… More

Zhou Guoqiang Aqu Qiangba

Zhou (pen name Aqu Qiangba) is a poet and editor of Today. He was previously detained for seven months in 1989 for organizing a strike, and sentenced to three… More

Gongan Chen

Gongan is an online commentator with a history of defending democratic rights. He was detained in September 2022 after posting political messages on WeChat as part of a conversation… More

Yu Qian

Pro-democracy activist and online commentator Yu has been the subject of harassment by Chinese authorities including surveillance for years. After tweeting about speaking out on the Tiananmen Square massacre… More

Sun Qing

Long-time online commentator Sun has a been a vocal critic of the Chinese Communist Party since 2014. In May 2020, he was arrested on suspicion of "inciting subversion of… More

Wang Gang

Wang, known as Noah's Ark, is a former associate professor at Hubei University of Technology who created multiple WeChat groups since 2018 including "Shanghai People's Rights Defending" and "Chinese… More

Lu Huihuang

Lu is an online commentator who has published extensively on democratic issues calling for constitutional reforms since 2013. He was detained multiple times since 2018 for his commentary. On… More