Li Liqun Li Huizi

Li Liqun Li Huizi

Li Liqun was an esteemed blogger and writer well-known by his pen name Li Huizi who blogged about fairness and justice and wrote poetry. Li took his own life… More

Luo Changping

Author, blogger, and former investigative reporter Luo Changping was arrested in October 2021 for “defaming martyrs” after posting on Weibo a critical review of a film depicting a battle… More

Ou Biaofeng

Activist and online commentator Ou Biaofeng was detained on December 3, 2020 in relation to his tweets about an activist who splashed ink on a poster of President Xi… More

Qiu Ziming La Bi Xiao Qiu

In February 2021, author and blogger Qiu was detained for questioning on Weibo the Chinese government-reported casualty numbers in an India-China border dispute. In May 2021, he was sentenced… More