Siarzhiej Krasnabarod

Krasnabarod, a writer and editor at the Gomel Plus Radio Station, also wrote political poetry. In May 2023, he was arrested along with colleagues for “distribution of extremist materials”… More

Jana Tsegla

Tsegla is a writer of fairy tales and the founder of Masquerade, a magazine for young Belarusian artists. In April 2023, she was detained and held in pre-trial detention… More

Sasha Filipenka

Filipenka is an exiled Belarusian writer and activist. He left the country in 2020 after participating in anti-government protests. In May 2021, a theater group was forced to leave… More

Ruslan Chliebarodau

Writer of Stop the Cockroach, a popular anti-Lukashenko song, Chliebarodau was arrested in April 2023 and accused of "insulting public officials" and "disgracing the state power and governing bodies."… More

Andrei Filipchyk

Filipchyk is an online activist who runs a Telegram channel where he posts jokes and memes in Belarusian. On January 31, 2023 he was arrested and a criminal case… More

Sergei Mikhalok

A musician and songwriter, Mikhalok has been banned from entering Belarus since 2015 for "insulting the president" and currently lives in Ukraine. He has faced transnational repression and pressure… More

Dzmitryi Yurtaeyeu

Yurtaeyeu is a poet and teacher who had participated in anti-government protests in September 2022. He was detained by authorities then and forced to read his poems on camera.… More