Ananta Bijoy Dash

Secular writer Dash was hacked to death by masked men with machetes in 2015. His brother filed a case, but Dash’s extremist attackers have yet to be brought to… More

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Faisal Arepin Deepan

Deepan, a publisher of secular books, was stabbed to death by extremists in 2015. In late 2019, eight militants were indicted in a murder case filed on Deepan’s behalf. More

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Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Dr. Iqbal was stabbed by an anti-secular extremist after receiving multiple death threats. Dr. Iqbal recovered, and his attacker is being tried for attempted murder. More

Matiur Rahman

Rahman faces continued harassment for his journalistic work. He has faced at least 55 defamation charges since 2016, notably one related to his caricature of a local legislator. More

Shafik Rehman

Rehman was arrested without warrant in April 2016 in connection with a plot to kidnap and murder the prime minister’s son. An active member of the political opposition, he… More

Henry Sawpon

Sawpon was arrested for hurting religious sentiments on May 14, 2019 and was released on bail two days later. He is still awaiting trial. More

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Rezaul Karim Siddique

On April 23, 2016, Siddique was murdered by Islamic militants. While his death by machete was similar to other secular bloggers, Siddique was not publicly critical of Islam and… More

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Shahzahan Bachchu

On June 11, 2018, extremists murdered secular writer Bachchu in a drive-by shooting. Three of the four suspects were later killed in police shootouts, but the legal case is… More

Mehedi Hassan

After writing a March 2018 blog post exposing negligence in the construction of power lines that led to a woman dying of electrocution, Hassan was the target of physical… More

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Shahidul Alam

An internationally-renowned photojournalist, Alam was arrested on August 5, 2018 for commentary criticizing Bangladesh’s response to road safety protests. Although his trial is ongoing, there have been no recent… More