History is the web of lies a society spins to give substance to its meaningless past. Omega Minor examines the big lies of the twentieth century—those of Berlin and Los Alamos: science will set us free; a g*d will save us from ourselves; everything that is permitted is permissible. One of the bombmongers dreamt up a weapon so powerful it could be detonated in anyone’s backyard and still destroy the world. I wanted this book to detonate from mine—or yours: a confusion engine of passions and betrayals, morality’s mortality, humanity’s inhumanity, too many stories told in too many voices, all of which turn out to be mine—or yours. Hemingway would have rewritten this first chapter as: “They fucked, she swallowed, a tragedy”, but with a book like this, the first chapter needed to be something for you, dear reader, to choke on. (Do not) Enjoy.