The PEN America Emerging Voices Podcast was created to increase the reach of the fellowship and provide the tools necessary to launch a professional writing career to writers in need beyond the five fellows awarded each year. Hosted by Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher, the podcast will feature fellows, mentors, master class instructors, Author Evening hosts, and more, all talking craft tips, writing advice, agents, query letters, carne asada, trauma, transcendence, and the importance of literary community.

Writers. Readers. Talkers. See how they’re just like you.

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Episode 001 — Alex Espinoza
Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher answers the question, “Why a podcast?” and Prose Master Class Instructor Alex Espinoza talks workshop etiquette, cruising, and Lucha Libre.
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Episode 002 — F. Douglas Brown
Poetry Master Class Instructor F. Douglas Brown reads us a poem, tells us what’s in a name, and asks us to consider skinheads, while Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher coughs a lot.
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Episode 003 — Samantha Dunn
Listen to author (and Author Evening host), mentor, teacher, and editor Samantha Dunn rant about being a memoirist, a ghost, and an “enemy of the people” while Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher says “like” a lot.
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Episode 004 — Nancy Lynée Woo
Founder of the Long Beach Literary Arts Center and 2015 Emerging Voices Fellow
Nancy Lynée Woo talks about DIY lit scenes, the importance of creative spaces, and the power of showing up, while Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher drools over the size of Nancy’s apartment.
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Episode 005 — Dave Thomas
Listen in as acclaimed voice-over actor, EV instructor, writer, and performer Dave Thomas talks Shakespeare, Dark Sith Lords, and the MacKenzie brothers, while Amanda Fletcher verbally nods. (And if you hang on until the end you’ll learn how to use the cork from a wine bottle to improve your diction.)
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Episode 006 — Douglas Manuel
Award-winning author of TESTIFY, Dornsife Fellow, and 2018 EV mentor Douglas Manuel joins Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher in idyllic Long Beach to talk poetry, politics, and the cultural capital a PhD affords someone who can’t stop dancing to the collective song.
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Episode 007 — Irene Suico Soriano
Irene Suico Soriano might not be sure if she was a Fellow in 2000 or 2001 but she is sure of two things. One is that the road to publication is just as long as it needs to be and more importantly, that picking up hitchhikers in your community is a vital part of the journey. Listen to her tell Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher all about it. With guest appearances by Papu and Max.
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Episode 008 — Victor Vazquez
2014 EV Fellow and Casting Director for the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., Victor Vazquez discusses diversity, talks taking the mic, our responsibility to awe, The Lion King, and BDSM with Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher.
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Episode 009 — Julia Callahan
As part of Rare Bird Books, Julia Callahan has co-hosted a small press Author Evening with Chris Heiser from Unnamed Press for years. Now, from her seat on the floor of her apartment in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, she waxes philosophical on roller derby as a stress reliever, how to be an active member of your literary community, and living inside the story of Los Angeles.
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Episode 10 — The 2019 Emerging Voices Fellows
The 2019 Emerging Voices Fellows meet for a last meal and talk to Fellowship Manager Amanda Fletcher about their experiences in EV, commenting on the impact their mentors, master classes, and professional editing sessions had on their writing. Featuring Dare Williams, Judy Choi, Anthony Hoang, T.K. Lê, and Fajer Alexander Khansa. With a cameo from little Lucian.
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