Margaret Atwood delivered the following remarks at the 2018 PEN America Literary Gala.

Thank you all for joining PEN America this evening.  Before we go up to dessert, I want to ask you to take a special action.

It says, “Hold up card at lectern.”

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo’s family members will bring our messages of support back to Myanmar. Please use the cards at your tables to write to these brave journalists.

Tell them that they are not alone.

Tell them that we salute their determination to bring the truth to light . . . that we will continue to fight until they are out of prison . . . at home . . . and back to work.

This is going to be a hard part for some of you: 

Take a selfie. It’s a thing you do with a phone. If you don’t know how to do that, ask somebody younger. Take a selfie holding your card and post it to—I’m going to have to explain this—social media to let everyone know you are part of PEN America’s efforts to get these journalists the freedom to write.

When you are done, as you leave the room, PEN America staff will collect your cards and see that they get to Myanmar.

Thank you!