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Dirty Wars: Readings Against Torture, Arbitrary Detention, Kidnapping and Rendition

April 26, 2007 | Joe’s Pub | NYC

Co-sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union

With Lisa Appignanesi, Antoine Audouard, Breyten Breytenbach, Mark Danner, Dorothea Dieckmann, Alex Gibney, Nadine Gordimer, Arnon Grunberg, Daniel Oreskes, Francine Prose, Gloria Reuben, Rose Styron, and others. 

Copyright © 2007 Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center

• Entire event

• Introduction by Larry Siems 
• Dorothea Dieckmann reads from Guantánamo
• Antoine Audouard reads from Journey to Hell by Mourad Benchallali & Antoine Audouard 
• Arnon Grunberg reads “At Guantánamo There Is No Why” 
• Alex Gibney reads from the Department of Defense interrogation log of detainee Al-Khatani 
• Francine Prose reads from FBI e-mail messages from Guantánamo 
• Mark Danner reads from declaration of detainee #______, Abu Ghraib Prison 
• Daoud Heidami & Daniel Oreskes read from a transcript of Combatant Status Review tribunal hearing of “Mustafa”
• Rose Styron reads “The General,” by Isabel Hilton
• Breyten Breytenbach reads his poem “letter to butcher from abroad”
• Lisa Appignanesi reads from the final, unfinished column of Anna Politkovskaya
• Nadine Gordimer reads from Scatter the Ashes and Go, by Mongane Wally Serote

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• Timothy Liu:
The evening’s unintended lesson seemed to be this: when you’ve got the hard facts about torture, secret detention, extraordinary rendition and the…[More]