Kiran Desai Reads from The Inheritance of Loss

Kiran Desai, whose birthday is today, reads from The Inheritance of Loss at Town Hall Readings: Writing Home, part of the 2007 PEN World Voices Festival. The Inheritance of… More

Little Hungary

Little Jack lived in Little Hungary in a little Hungarian tenement house. Those who lived in Little Hungary were called little Hungarians even though Little Jack was actually quite… More

Etgar Keret & George Saunders

I was amazed by your stories, by the quality and quantity of imagination, and the unbelievable overflow of ideas. So I wanted to ask a question that’s probably unfair.… More

The Messiness of Now: A Conversation

Amitava Kumar: There was a man in the nineteenth century who anticipated everything that Ilija was going to do and write, and lived his life accordingly: Richard Francis Burton.… More

Inventing the Past: A Conversation

Suddenly, one day, I felt a certain pleasure, and this pleasure was greater than the sorrow of the therapeutic writing that I was doing. Suddenly I recovered my sense… More