President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who previously stated the net neutrality rule was “unlawful and must be vacated,” raises concern for the future of online privacy and an open internet. The BBC explores the impact of local newspapers on their communities, and the widespread negative effects of their closure. YouTube moves to implement feature that would prioritize “authoritative sources” in search results to combat fake news. Liu Xia, poet, photographer, and wife of the late 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo, has been released after eight years under house arrest. (Read PEN America’s statement here.) -Suzanne Nossel, Chief Executive Officer

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Decided Against Net Neutrality and for NSA Surveillance
While it’s difficult to anticipate exactly which issues might come before the court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s past rulings suggest a reliably conservative voice on tech. His addition to the highest court in the country could vastly reshape the digital landscape.

Why Local US Newspapers are Sounding the Alarm
About 1,800 local papers have closed or merged since 2004, but what’s less well-known is the impact on communities who lose a local paper.

YouTube to Fight Fake News with Links to Real News and Context
A new feature on YouTube will display information from third parties, including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, about certain historical and scientific topics that have been subject to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Lawmakers Target Chinese Security Companies Over Spy Fears
Congress is weighing a ban on federal agencies using video surveillance equipment from two large Chinese companies, the latest sign of concerns about foreign espionage among lawmakers.

Beauty Queen Turns in Crown After #MeToo Joke at Miss Massachusetts Pageant
A beauty queen gave up her title after a skit was performed at the Miss Massachusetts competition that made fun of the #MeToo movement. The Miss Massachusetts organization, which is preliminary to the Miss America Pageant, posted an apology on Facebook.


Liu Xia, Detained Widow of Nobel Peace Laureate, Leaves China *PEN Case List
Poet and artist Liu Xia left China for Germany on Tuesday, bringing to an end eight years of house arrest. Liu Xia had been under house arrest since 2010 when her husband, political dissident Liu Xiaobo, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Egyptian Court Orders Release of News Editor
An Egyptian court has ordered the release of the editor of an independent news website accused of an array of charges, including membership in the banned Muslim Brotherhood group. Egypt has regularly detained and prosecuted journalists since 2013, part of a wider crackdown on dissent.

Israel Says Monitoring Social Media Has Cut Lone-Wolf Attacks. Palestinians are Crying Foul.
Israel says its methods are working, pointing to a sharp drop in attacks carried out largely by young, disaffected Palestinians. But those methods have generated serious questions about an erosion of privacy, freedom of speech, and human rights, for both Palestinians in the West Bank and Arab citizens of Israel.

Auckland Council Faces Legal Action: Free Speech Campaign Raises $50k After Ban of Far-Right Speakers
The Free Speech Coalition started its fundraising efforts following the Council’s decision to ban two Canadian far-right speakers from presenting at Council-owned venues – resulting in them cancelling their tour of New Zealand. The Coalition intends to take Auckland Council to court.

Editorial: A Glimmer of Hope for Press Freedom Abroad
“When journalists face blatantly political trials under authoritarian regimes, very often the judge becomes a tool of the authorities. But last week that changed in Angola.”

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