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Free expression news from the United States and around the world - get it in your inbox every week More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Notre Dame students walk out of commencement speech by Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson holds press briefing without U.S. journalists, and Trump side steps human rights in his first trip… More

Ahmed Naji in 2015

Court Orders Retrial for Ahmed Naji

The court's decision to order a retrial for the novelist prolongs a legal battle over free expression in Egypt that has already gone on far too long. More

Jailed Egyptian novelist Ahmed Naji’s appeal delayed

In May, more than 120 prominent international writers and artists, including Philip Roth, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Patti Smith, Woody Allen and Stephen Sondheim, called on Sisi to release Naji… More