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The Forest Unseen

Indeed, the truth of the forest may be more clearly and vividly revealed by the contemplation of a small area than it could be by donning ten-league boots, covering… More

Poet’s Sentence Upheld on Appeal

PEN continues to protest the detention of poet Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami, whose 15-year sentence for “criticizing the ruler” and “inciting the overthrow of the ruling system” was upheld… More

The Day We Pack Our Bags

One day, I received a letter saying that yoga was a false form of spirituality and that all activity associated with yoga must be stopped... More

Interview: Myanmar PEN’s Nay Phone Latt

PEN International's Sarah Clarke catches up with Nay Phone Latt at the Internet Governance Forum (IFG) in Indonesia to talk about the impact of the political changes in Myanmar… More


Your hands swiped gently up at the sky as you named the constellations, each syllable a puff of white smoke into the cold. I could already see the faces… More